Best Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking

Best Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking

India is a colorful nation with a variety of cultures, traditions, festivals, foods or much more. All over the world, the Indian food has a great popularity, which cannot be ignored. It is all about a spice loving nation, where most of the mothers, wives, sisters or other women love to cook food of different types with different tastes, flavors and spices. A ninety percent of women love the homemade masalas. Here comes the need of a mixer grinder, which is must have for every kitchen.

Choosing the best mixer grinder to prepare homemade spices is a challenging task because of the presence of many brands or companies in India. Prior to selecting any model, it is important to figure out some features in it, like power consumption, size, capacity, price or much more. Your needs and preferences affect your decision to a lot. Like, if you have a small family staying alone, there is a need of buying a portable machine that is small in size. In case of a large family, a large sized appliance can fit their needs because of bigger capacity. First of all, what is a mixer grinder, what it can do or so on?

Best Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking

Introduction to mixer grinders

It is a general term, which has developed in the India for blending spices, or other items in the kitchen. It is another name of blenders. The origin of the word ‘Grinder’ in the ‘Mixer Grinder’ amalgamation is related to the masala grinding. You can find a wide range of kitchen blenders, mixer grinders or mixies in the Indian market. These appliances are used for preparing masalas through mixing and grinding. With these machines, you can also prepare batter to make vadas, idly and dosas. Choosing a right quality mixer grinder is important so that they can never harm anything.

Factors to take into account

The selection of a high quality and reliable mixer grinder is important so that you can get the most out of them. Let’s have a look at what essential factors you must take into account, before heading out to the local store or visiting the online shop, start reading them:

  • The type of appliance you need

The first and foremost thing to clear out is that what type of machine you want to have in your kitchen. The reason is that when you start exploring the market, it is expected to see a variety of juicers, mixer grinders and juicers with mixer grinders. Whether you want a mixer grinder only or a juicer mixer grinder, it is important to decide at the first stage. Evaluating the purpose, for which you want to buy this type of appliance, is the initial step.

  • Maintenance and cleaning

It is very tedious task to clean the kitchen appliances. However, if you want long life for your appliances, then the cleaning is a must to consider regularly. You know, these appliances are equipped with many blades along with the fancy control system. So, the cleanliness is needed. These appliances need a pushing button to run, which is very difficult to clean than the touch pad based machines. Choose a particular model of a mixer grinder that can be cleaned and maintained easily and safely. Learn the cleanliness and maintenance features of different mixer grinders, before buying anyone.

  • Examine the wattage

Wattage of a mixer grinder is the power of the motor. If you want to perform heavy duty tasks, like grinding dough, dry nuts or anything tough, then you need a high wattage appliance. Keep in mind; if you consider a high wattage appliance, they might not provide with the best results every time for sure. Rather than, you must check the reputation of the manufacturer as well as the quality of an appliance, if you need a tough one to manage the grinding of hard stuff. In several situations, mixer grinders with low wattage can perform better job as compared to the expensive ones.

  • Convenient to use

Another factor is the ease of use. It is important to look into many things, such as, whether or not the parts and blades can be assembled easily, how the lid fits into the container in a smooth manner, how the jar fits into the appliance in an easy manner, the size of the container, the productivity of control and many others. All these things affect the convenience to use an appliance. By understanding these things, you can easily buy a mixer grinder with greater ease of use features.

  • Locking unit

When you will start the grinder, it is good to ensure that it is properly locked or not. Each grinding machine has a locking unit. With this system, the machine will not start running, until the container is properly locked. It is an important feature to look for in those cases, if you have kids at home.

  • Overload protection

Last but not the least; the overload protection is a great feature that you must not ignore at any cost. The more chances, people tend to place more ingredients in the container than recommended. It leads to bogging down of the motor because of too much load. Of course, no one wants such accidents, like burning out; a mixer grinder needs to have a circuit breaker that impacts the safety features.

Along with these features, pricing is also important to think about. The price might vary according to the features, wattage, brands and materials used in the mixer grinders. In India, many brands are popular in offering a wide range of kitchen appliances used for different purposes. These brands are Panasonic, Preethi, Bajaj, Philips, Crompton Greaves and many others.

Final verdict
People, who are willing to buy a mixer grinder, must keep all these things in the mind. Different brands have different kitchen appliances with varied specifications and features. It is a quite good thing to research about various mixer grinders from many brands in India, if you are really interested to add an extra element to your cooking. Go and get the best deal to get a variety in your cooking!

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