Best Preethi mixer grinder in India

Best Preethi mixer grinder in India 2021 price, pros & cons

Best Preethi mixer grinder

When we think about Indian foods, the things that come to my mind instantly are the chutneys, spices and masalas. Certain Indian foods need batters like idlis, vadas, dosas, and many more. Indians love to make various types of chutneys too like tomato chutney, pudina chutney, dhaniya chutney, etc. All these spices, masalas, pastes, batters, and chutneys can be made effortlessly and efficiently with the help of a mixer grinder. In modern day, we cannot even imagine of doing this type of activity manually.

Best Preethi mixer grinder in India

We are dependent on mixer grinders for the same. However, choosing a good brand that last for a longer span and can offer you the desired efficiency is an extremely daunting task. Too often, we end up landing onto a particular brand that doesn’t give the desired output. They end up quitting too soon, right after purchase. Hence, you should always look up for a brand that has satisfied a lot of customers earlier so that you can expect the same from it.

Preethi is a reputed and well-known brand in the field of mixer grinders. They manufacture top-quality mixer grinders for regular Indian household. Nowadays, they offer a wide range of kitchen appliances from dry grinders to wet ones, mixer grinders, auto cookers, induction stoves, and many more. Here we will discuss some of the best Preethi mixer grinders that are doing great at present in the Indian market.

Why choose a Preethi mixer grinder?

Before I go mentioning the reasons for which you may consider Preethi as a reliable brand when it comes to choosing a mixer grinder for your kitchen, let me tell you that I have not just prepared it after a good amount of research work on the brand and going through its customer reviews and ratings but rather I have had an experience of using it. So, personally, I have been a really happy customer of Preethi and based on it, I have prepared this list for I truly believe that Preethi comes with quite a good number of ‘Pros.’

There are various brands of mixer grinders available in the Indian market. So, the first question that comes to the mind while reading this is – “Why choose a Preethi mixer grinder when there are other popular brands available too?” Well, there are many reasons for choosing this brand. Let us discuss them.

  • The first and the foremost reason for buying a Preethi mixer grinder is the low energy consumption of the mixer grinders. They come with the best functional mixer grinder sets that consume very minimal energy. With newer models, the energy consumption has gone down even less.
  • The second reason of buying a Preethi mixer grinder is the motor strength. The wide range of mixer grinders from Preethi has powerful motors ranging from 750W to over 1300W. This powerful mixer grinder’s brand has made a strong position in the Indian market because of the motor strength of the machines.
  • The third one is the overload protection. These mixer grinders come with overload protector feature to protect the motor in case of any sudden or unexpected voltage surge. So, in the field of safety, it rings at the top.
  • The Preethi mixer grinders have anti-skid vacuum feet to prevent any skidding. These help them to remain steady while functioning. So, you can keep your mixer grinder steady on the counter while using it for grinding tough ingredients.
  • Another reason for buying Preethi mixer grinders is the beautiful designs. The designs are elegant, beautiful, and attractive. They also come in various vibrant colors to choose as per your wish.
  • The last but the most important reason of buying these mixer grinders is affordability. They are budget-friendly and super functional.
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Some of the top best Preethi mixer grinders:

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond mixer grinder, 750 watt, 3 jars & Flexi Lid (Blue/ White)
Country of Origin: India. Warranty: 2 years on product; Can grind even the toughest ingredients with ease
Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum MG 139 mixer grinder, 750 watt, White, 4 jars - Super Extractor juicer Jar & Storage Air-Tight Container, FBT motor with 5yr Warranty & Lifelong Free Service, Standard
100 percent stainless steel jars with flow breakers for fine grinding; High grade neoprene and delrin couplers for smooth trouble-free operation
Preethi Zion MG-227 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars (Black)
India's No 1 Mixer-Grinder Brand(as per Francis Kanoi); 750 watt high performance motor; Turbo spice mini jar 0.2 litres
Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond mixer grinder, 750 watt, 3 jars & Flexi Lid (Blue/ White)
Country of Origin: India. Warranty: 2 years on product; Can grind even the toughest ingredients with ease

Although Preethi comes with a wide range of products, I would hand-pick just a few in this content for I believe that these are ‘the best’ in the list. Here are some of the top-quality and amazing Preethi mixer grinders with impressive features. Read their individual pros and cons properly to understand which product will be the best one for you.

1. Preethi Steel Supreme MG-208 750Watts mixer grinder:

Preethi Steel Supreme MG-208 mixer grinder, 750 watt, 4 jars includes Super Extractor juicer Jar (Silver/ Black)
  • Superior grinding performance
  • Grinds toughest ingredients with ease
  • Machine ground and polished blades for quick grinding
  • Turbo vent technology
  • Advanced ventilation system keeps mixer body cool and thereby prevents the ingredients being heated and retains good taste of food

This amazing Preethi mixer grinder can grasp your attention right away. It has a beautiful finish and the stainless steel body is always gleaming. The 750Watt motor is amazing. It comes with four jars and it includes a juice extractor too. A smart free stainless steel finish with the chrome-plated handles helps this mixer grinder to gain more and more attention with each passing time. It has a shockproof casing. It can be easily operated. Moreover, it is anti-skid as well as durable. The different durable jars can be custom-built for different functionality. It allows you to change and remove the blades. But the blades on the smallest jar cannot be changed without the help of a technician. Overall, it is a great choice.


  • It has a sleek and beautiful stainless steel finish.
  • Presence of good quality chrome-plated handles.
  • The 750W motor is extremely powerful.
  • It also includes a juice extractor.
  • It has an anti-skid bottom.
  • The jars are extremely durable.
  • It has a shockproof casing.
  • The blades of all the jars (except the small jar) can be changed and removed.
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Cons: No such.


2. Preethi Popular MG 142 750Watt mixer grinder:

Preethi Popular MG 142 mixer grinder 750-Watt (White), 3 Jars with with 2yr Guarantee & Lifelong Free Service
  • 100% stainless steel jars with flow breakers for fine grinding
  • High grade nylon couplers for smooth trouble free operation
  • Clear transparent polycarbonate dome and lid
  • Life long free service
  • Totally shock proof ABS body

This Preethi mixer grinder has an elegant body. The 750W motor is amazing and powerful. It has anti-skid vacuum feet to prevent slipping and skidding. It includes various accessories required to do all types of culinary tasks. It can be used for both dry and wet grinding as well as for making juice. It has a shock-resisting casing. So, one can be fearless about getting electrocuted while handling this mixer grinder. It is extremely compact and super powerful. It can grind turmeric under 2 minutes. The blades of the jars can be removed except for the smallest jar which has built-in blades. It offers high performance. All these help it to stand out among others. It is an excellent addition for your kitchen.


  • It offers high performance.
  • The blades of the jars (except for the small jar) can be removed.
  • It has a compact and powerful body.
  • It has shock-resistant casing.
  • It can be used for various purposes.
  • It has anti-skid vacuum feet.
  • It has an elegant design.
  • The 750Watt motor is extremely powerful.

Cons: No such.


3. Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750W mixer grinder:

Preethi Zodiac MG-218 mixer grinder, 750 watt, Black/Light Grey, 5 jars - 3 In 1 insta fresh juicer Jar & Master chef food processor Jar, Vega W5 motor with 5yr Warranty & Lifelong Free Service
  • India's No 1 Mixer-Grinder Brand(as per Francis Kanoi) ; Performance Features: This Preethi mixer grinder has a powerful motor that ensures robust operations
  • Master Chef + Jar for food processing capabilities: Atta Kneading in 1 min, Chopping in just 2 pulses, Grating and Slicing in seconds, Meat mincing in minutes and Citrus Press.Locking System:Yes
  • 3-In-1 Insta fresh Fruit Juicer Jar – Centrifugal juicing for instant juice, Super Extraction for coconut and tamarind extraction and Blending.
  • 750W Vega W5 Motor that can grind turmeric in just 2 min ; Speed Controls: 3 Speed ; Voltage: 230V AC ~ 50 Hz ; Material of Body: A.B.S ; Flex Cord: PVC insulated 3 Core, Flexicord with Plugtop & earthing
  • Motor Warranty: 5 Years, Product Warranty: 2 Years ; Safety Indictor: In case of any overload the colour of indicator light will be change from Blue to “Red”. This will indicate that the motor has tripped and the user needs to reset the overload protector which is located at the bottom of the product

This amazing Preethi mixer grinder has a compact but elegant design. It has a minimalistic look which attracts more attention. The black color increases in value. Other shades are also available. It ranks among the top ones for its functionality. The 750Watts powerful motor is extremely efficient. It comes with 5 separate jars for different purpose. Each has a polycarbonate dome-shaped lid. It includes various blades that can grate, grind, and liquefy any ingredient. The blades can be used as per the requirements of the user. It can grind various ingredients under 2 minutes. The noise pollution is within 80 decibels. Unfortunately, a slight burning smell comes initially when operated due to the burning of the metal varnish. It soon dissipates with continuous usage.

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  • It has a compact design.
  • The jars are great and can be used for various purposes.
  • It comes with different blades for different purposes.
  • The jars have a polycarbonate dome-shaped lid.
  • It includes five different jars for different purposes.
  • It has an elegant look.


  • It is a bit noisy.
  • Initially a burning smell comes out when operated due to heating of the metal varnish.


4. Preethi Xpro Duo MG 198 mixer grinder:

Preethi Xpro Duo MG 198 1300-Watt Mixer Grinder (Deep Blue), Medium
  • 100 percent stainless steel jars with flow breakers for fine grinding
  • Perfect partner for professional grinding. Flex Cord : PVC insulated 3 Core, Flexicord with Plugtop & earthing
  • Blades for optimal grinding efficiency Quality: 3-point lid lock facilitates hands free and leak proof operation
  • Sealed oil-filled sintered bronze bushes and double ball bearing motor for non - stop grinding
  • Warranty: 1 year on product

This mixer grinder is a great addition to your kitchen. It has a strong, durable, and compact body. The great quality durable stainless steel jars come with a 3-point lock that helps in a hands-free and leak-proof operation. The largest jar has 2L capacity while the smallest one is the chutney jar which has a capacity of 0.75L. It has an RPM of 18000 cycles without any load but with load, it has 10,000 RPM cycle. It is a perfect addition for a large family and can help you to cook large quantities of food in no time.


  • It is perfect for big families.
  • The jars are amazing and durable.
  • Presence of three-point lock in the stainless steel jars for hand-free and leak-proof operation.
  • It is a strong and compact body.

Cons: No such.


5. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond 750Watt mixer grinder:

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond mixer grinder, 750 watt, 3 jars & Flexi Lid (Blue/ White)
  • Country of Origin: India. Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Operating voltage: 230 volts, High Grade Nylon Couplers for smooth trouble free usage. Flex Cord: PVC insulated 3 Core
  • This product does not require installation. please contact brand customer care for any product related queires.
  • Since your mixer grinder runs on a powerful motor, there will be some noise. Product Operating Noise Level : 80 Db(Mixer Grinder industry wide acceptable levels: 80-90 DB) ; human voice as a reference(50-60 db). If noise level seems to be higher than this, please contact Brand Service Centre
  • Includes: Jar (1.5 litres), Chutney jar (0.5 litre), Chutney jar (0.4 litre), Dome 1.5 popular, 0.5 Dome, 0.4 CG Lid , Flexi lid (1.5 litres), Stirrer, Instructional manual, Customer care list and Warranty card

It is an amazing mixer grinder with an elegant look. It comes in white and blue color. It screams power and functionality. It has a compact body which helps to save a lot of space. The stainless steel body is shock resistant, which is a great thing! The 750Watts motor is extremely efficient and powerful. It comes with various accessories. It includes three jars. The main jar has a capacity of 1.7liters. The smaller chutney jar has a capacity of 0.5liters. The main jar can be used as a grinding jar. It is very easy to operate. It offers multiple speed settings to achieve the best result. It is safe to use. It is better to use this machine for a short time at once unless and until you get familiar with this machine.


  • The 750W motor is extremely powerful and efficient.
  • It has a stainless steel shock-resistant body.
  • It is anti-skid due to the presence of rubber caps.
  • It has a compact and sleek body.
  • The jars are amazing and durable.
  • It can be easily operated.
  • It offers multiple speed settings.


  • It is a bit noisy.



As I have already said, Preethi is one of the top brands in India for mixer grinders. Preethi has built a reputation over the last three decades and is now known as a popular brand that offers good quality products. They are extremely functional and also offer high performance. They are very affordable and have great designs. Some of the best Preethi mixer grinders are discussed above. This list will help you to decide on which Preethi mixer grinder to choose. Some reasons for why to choose Preethi mixer grinders are also given. I hope that you find all this information beneficial. Thank you for reading till the end. Have a good day and choose wisely!

Our website offers different listicles too, that may guide you in the right way to purchase the best mixer grinder at your preferred budget. You can also look for other brands and the best deals from that concerned category. Do have a look at our other contents and we would love to hear it back from you. In case we have left out listing anything important, we would love to receive your valuable feedback on the same, so that we may work on improving ourselves.

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